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Welcom to the Aesthetic

Dr. Dhananjay Nakade AESTHETICA Clinic is central india’s first dedicated clinic for hair transplant, cosmetic surgery,reconstructive microsurgery hand surgery.It manly caters injuries of face ,hand and foot, diabetic foot.. It is owned by Dr Dhananjay Nakade & has been practicing from 12 Year and most experienced modern day Cosmetic Surgery, Plastic, Hair Transplant, Skin Surgery etc........ As a health practitioner he has been assisting people and families with burns , diabetic foot ,septicemia with necrotising fasciitis ,crush injuries of hanf legs,burns, in infertility as vasovasal anastomosisafter vasectomy for reversal, and in ladies as a tubotubal anastomosis after tubectomy As a cosmetic surgeon he is caring for hymenoplasty, gynecomastia,liposuction,tummy tuck,boobs surgery,surgery of breasts,buttock surgery, fat filling surgery of breasts ,acne scars face and neck lift surgery, cosmetic surgery of nose or rhinoplasty conditions for more than 12 years.