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Neck liposuction
Face liposuction
Double Chin liposuction
loin liposuction
Abdomen liposuction
Arms liposuction

Do you feel that you have an excessively full or “double chin,” despite being at a healthy weight? Liposuction of the neck can achieve better defined, more graceful neckline by permanently, Because liposuction removes excess fat, but cannot significantly improve sagging skin, the typical neck liposuction patient will be younger, his his or her 20’s through early 50’s, as younger patients typically have good skin elasticity, which is necessary for the skin to contract smoothly and evenly after liposuction.

Post Bariatric Surgery

Body lift surgery
Upper body lift surgery
Lower body lift surgery
Thighs lift surgery
Arms lift surgery
Face lift & neck lift surgery

We do body lift surgery in post weight loss patients,post bariatric surgery cases.we reshape body ,upper body arms ,lower body and thighs by body lifting surgeries ,We have good experience in that..

Breast Augmentation

Nose Surgery

Breast Implant (Fda approved)
Fat Grafting Breasts
Reconstruction of nose and its defects
Cosmetic nose surgery

in small breasts ,ladies are uncomfortable and socially they are not accepted well,So we do breast implante to augment the breasts.We use silicon implants ,which are FDA approved.We do small incision at base of the breast and we make plane sub muscular and sub facial , Then we go for silicone implants of appropriate size for respective patients. We have sizers to choose appropriate implants size.Then after hemostasis and implant placement we close the incision. post operatively we confirm adequatw aumentation of the breast and then patient removed of G A .We discharge patient next day once patient is stable ..

Nasal defect repair has been one of the more challenging areas of reconstructive surgery due to the lack of uniform nasal skin thickness and complex contours. Currently, algorithms for medium to large nasal soft tissue defects have been well defined by various authors. Small defects, arbitrarily defined as 1 cm or less, still present significant challenges. In this article, the authors examine the options available to repair small soft tissue nasal defects and the appropriate situations in which each method is best suited

Hair Loss Treatment

male & female hair loss treatment
Leser hair growth
Stem cell therapy
Medicinal therapy for hair growth
Dermaroller with medicines

male and female hair loss we treat by diet ,medicines ,lasers and PRP. we do harmonal study in females and rule out hypothyroidism ,androgen levels and malnutrition to be ruled out. we advice them proper diet,medicines and if required PRP and low laser therapy. In males and females who are not responding to the conservative treatment above we go for Hair transplants.Hair transplant we go for FUE ,which is no stitch less painful technique. We got advanced machines for FUE technique. ..

Hair Transplant

Facial Rejuvenation

FUE-Follicular Unit
Extraction hair
transplant(No Stitch

FUT - Follicular Unit
Transfer (Strip Method)

In FUE technique we use no stitch less scar technique.We got machines with help of these machines we go for follicles extraction .we extract follicles one by one so that they are not damaged.after extraction we implant follicles at recipient area many times extraction and implantation are simultenios procedure.In these techniques we get good result and good hair growth with in bald areas.There is no requirement of suturing and less bleeding less pain. We got EMI facility sothat you dont have to give whole money at atime but just 4000rs a month for a year as an emi

Fat Grafting face

Bilateral Blepharoplasty



In cases of facial scars ,depressions on face skin,deep scars ,loss of facialSo less side effects comparative cheap filler and easily avaiable.


Lasers Hair Removal
Lasers Facial Scar remodulation
Lasers+Derma Roller for Facial Scar
Post Acne Scars Lasers

Tatto on Body

Implants silicone and usfda approved







Nack/Face lift Surgery
Body hair transplant
Facial Scar surgery
Breast lift and Reduction
beard Hair Transplant
Chemical Peeling
Black Mole/Nevus/Scar-Removal By Lesers
Tummy Tuck + Liposuction
Vaginal Tightening & rejuvenation Female
Vitiligo Surgery on face and body
Eyelid Surgery Blepharoplasty
Forehead Rejuvenation & Lift
Genitals Cosmetic Surgery
Hymenoplasty & External Genital Rejuvenation
Tubo tubal anastomosis in female undergone tubectomy
Vaginoplasty vagina Reconstruction